There was drama lately on Twitter as the famous KOT ganged up to help a certain lawyer claim money on a product that had been sold. Beverley Munga claimed that a sex toy had been sold to one of the most controversial actresses on Nairobi Diaries Stacy Pendo but she had yet to pay up.

Beverley Munga aka The Vibrating Lawyer

The drama kept unfolding as the conversation went on about respecting the hustle and Pendo paying up her debt. She had been sold the vibrator and had promised to pay up only to go ham and not pick calls that came from Munga.

Munga then took to Twiter to express her disappointment with the actress failing to pay up. She even posted a screenshot of Pendo’s contacts calling on Kenyans to try and reach her. Kenyans on Twitter took the initiative to call her but let’s say she never picked up any calls.

According to Beverley Munga’s Twitter handle a good Samaritan later cleared the bill and she stopped following up on the actress. She was also supported by another famous socialite Risper Faith who said that Pendo should respect the hustle as money is everything these days.

The funny thing is that Beverley went on to change her Twitter title to The Vibrating Lawyer leaving Pendo to go on vibrating in debt!