Nairobi Diaries Co-Stars Michelle and Vanessa Beef!


Michelle Yola, Prezzo’s  fiancé called the cops on fellow Nairobi Diaries co-star Vanessa after a fight broke out between the two.


Michelle explains how it all went down.

‘’We were shooting Nairobi diaries on Monday and afterwards I invited Michelle and some other girls to have their hair and nails done for free. So while we were there she started talking smack and I was answering her back. At some point she threw a magazine at me and I flew from my chair. I beat her. So when I was home I hear a knock on the door and when I open I see Prezzo, Michelle and two cops. She reported me so I was arrested.’’

After a few hours at the police station, the young socialite, model and fresh face of Nairobi diaries was released. Ever the free spirit, she took to her social media to announce her release to the joy of her fans.

FREEEEEDOOOOOOOMMM 😀😀 Thank you to everyone that helped me out btw mad love 👊

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The scuffle that turned out to be a small altercation could have been quashed behind closed doors but was blown out of proportion by Michelle who is known to rub many the wrong way as most of the comments suggest.

Who do you side with, Michelle or Vanessa? Tell us below.