Huddah has never seize to amaze me with the things she posts on her social media pages and today she has decided to talk about her country Kenya.

The boss chick is an entrepreneur in the cosmetic industry as she has her own branded cosmetics that are sold in Kenya and even outside the country.

As a business woman who has travelled across the world, she knows the countries best for doing business and Kenya is not in the socialite’s list.

Huddah has revealed that doing business in Kenya is so hard. Through her posts on her gram, Huddah pity’s herself because she comes from Kenya.

Doing business in Kenya is the hardest thing that you can never experience. First, the Tax is outrageously high. Second, they don’t make it a smooth road for young business entrepreneurs. She said in a post.

Huddah’s opinion is that young graduates are joining terror groups is because they have been neglected and they have no hope and the only thing left for them is to join the terror groups.

She went further to refer to her country as a Jungle saying that relocating is the best option for an African youth.

Growing up, she did not have any role model because everyone close to her was extremely broke and poor.

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