If there is one person that stays out of controversy it has to be Nameless. However, that almost changed recently after a Tanzanian Instagram user came out accusing him of stealing the beats to his new song “Am Good”.

With Nameless always being the bigger person, he handled the all situation maturely admitting that indeed the beat wasn’t his and that he had acquired from an online beats website without necessarily buying it.

That meant anybody could use the beat as he hasn’t bought the rights to it. Here is the other song from an upcoming artist;

In an honest opinion I would for Nameless’s version either way. Meanwhile while Nameless is out here setting examples on such issues should be handled, word has it that Willy Paul’s new song featuring Khaligraph had the beats stolen from an upcoming group.

According to a popular blog “Mpasho”, when contacted by the upcoming artists Willy Paul acknowledged sampling their song which by the way he also copied the title as well, but instead of taking responsibility like Nameless did, he threatened to sue them for defamation.