Back in the days, when you first visited Nairobi people would take pictures around KICC so as to show people you were in Nairobi. It was like a famous landmark in Nairobi. KICC used to give us memories of being in Nairobi.

It looks like those memories will be erased after Kenya’s first Africa Chief Architect; David Mutiso revealed that the building design was inspired by a donkey’s erect penis when he designed the building in 1968.

The designer said,

“They wanted to build a headquarter for KANU. We started sketching, initially it was a simple four-storey building, it evolved with time. Every time we showed the president, he asked us to go higher and eventually we ended up with 17 floors.”

He also added,

“The initial tower was inspired by a donkey’s penis”.

Here is how Kenyans reacted on twitter