Navy Kenzo is a Tanzanian afropop/dance duo consisting of Aika-female singer/rapper and Nahreel-singer and major award winning producer from Tanzania.They are signed under their own record label-The Industry Studios which was founded by Nahreel and works with big artists like Vanessa Mdee,Diamond Platinumz, Joh Makini and many more.They were in the country for Coke Studio and I got a chance to chat with them to know what makes them so adorable to Kenyan fans and what the inspiration behind the song ‘Kamatia Chini’ is and this is what they had to say:

What does Navy Kenzo stand for?

Kenzo is healthy and wise, smart, hard-working and humble. Navy has to do with the army of wise people.


How old are you guys and are you dating?

We are both 28 years old and yes we are dating.

What made you do music and how did your family react to that?

Nahreel: I’m from a very religious family who are Seventh Day Adventists and strict. At some point they eventually were very supportive and my Dad keeps calling to know what I’m doing.

Aika: My dad is very educated and he wanted me to reach till Doctorate level. He has really supported me and my music.

Why did you decide to pursue your music after finishing school?

Aika: I finished my degree in Business Administration in 2011

Nahreel: I finished my Degree in Computer Science in 2011

Nahreel and Aika: We met in India in Campus and fell in love then music called us and here we are.

Aika-Do you use your law and business administration skills in your music and how does this work out for you?

I never studied law but I want to study Entertainment law. I use my business administration skills for branding my music.

How do you love Kenya so far?

It’s a cool place to be. We love everything especially the treatment, people and weather. We also love the ‘DAWA’ drink from Java to help our voices stay in check and stay awake. It’s a nice vibe and Kenyans really appreciate good music.

What are your expectations for Coke Studio this year?

They produce the best songs which are very original. We have big creative ideas and this is a big connection to work with Dama Do Bling from Mozambique. We create our music and allow fans to see this. We are about to do something massive.

How did you end up collaborating with Vanessa Mdee?

Nahreel: Ive been producing her music since 2013.We have an amazing connection. She is a close friend of ours like family.

How many artists are signed to your record label and when did you start it?

We have three artists signed to our Industry label that is Céline, Rose and Will Dad.

What is ‘Kamatia Chini’ all about?

It’s a flirty love dance song. It talks about getting close together, going for vacation and ready to have fun. It’s a club dance banger.

Who comes up with the concepts for your videos?

Us and our director who comes up with the story lines and organizes the whole thing.

Nahreel-Having been a producer for a long time, do you hope to collaborate with any international artists and which ones are they?

Nahreel: Yes I already have collaborations with Patoranking, K.O. from South Africa, R2Bees from Ghana, Davido, Joh Makini and Sauti Sol.

I hear you are brand ambassadors for two companies. Which particular companies do you represent?

Kloba in Dubai and Airtel.

What do your tattoos mean?

Nahreel: Never Turn Down My Ambition is a motto we both live by. My other tattoo is a fish Maori sign from the Samoan tribe whole believe that sea creatures rule the earth.

Any last words?

We are thankful for all the love and support and thank you for appreciating our music.