Need an Idea What To Do For Your Man This Valentines? READ THIS!!!

(Last Updated On: February 14, 2015)
Your guy is busting his arse off to be as romantic as ever this Valentine, but what will you get him? I know as ladies we are born recipients in life but even our sweethearts need some love this Valz season. Shopping for a gift for a guy can be difficult so here are some ideas on what to get him;


Men that smell good just turn you into your favorite mood (if you know what I mean), so buying him the latest cologne in Armani’s collection would mean a lot to him.

I mean tell me you wouldn’t like if every lady he passes turns to see who smell like heaven only to see you in his arms.

men cologne


You know the only things that can make a man, of substance, is his ride, watch…and fashion sense. You can’t start buying him a car so why not start small. Buy him that golden Rolex that’ll make him feel like the awesome guy he is. You could even be sweet enough to get one encrypted with something like ‘ Our love is forever and always. Love,,…” behind it.
Yes, that money holder. If he’s a loaded jamaa why shouldn’t he have a nice leather wallet to wordlessly express his pocket status. Now it is also possible to get him an engraved wallet. Just walk around in town or browse through Facebook and you will find somewhere.
so you like to see his dark chocolate body…aha…nevertheless , I’m sure he has those boxers that even when you’re at third base make you curse under your breath. Do him a favour and buy him a pack of nice boxers (si mtumba tafadhali). At least ajue hata akispend 5000/= on you, it was worth it.
 men boxer
I know that Kenyan unromantic has probably not taken you anywhere. This is a wake up call!! It’s not a must he takes you out. You could spice up your love life and bring the house down by putting on some sexy lingerie for him. Giving a lap dance or anything…c’mon, you know what his fetish is. Make him happy, let him realize he got himself the sexiest thing on the planet. It’s not a crime.
What will you do for your man this love season? Let us know your plans.
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