For the first time we are now seeing someone take the risk and say something to the ‘rap god’, Eminem.

That person is rapper Machine Gun Kelly who after getting dissed by Eminem the new album “Kamikaze” decided to stand up for himself and diss back. Turns out the beef dates back to six years back when Kelly made a tweet about Eminem’s daughter, Hailie.

“I just saw a picture of Eminem’s daughter and I have to say she is hot as fuck in most respectful ways cuz Em is King,”

read the 2012 tweet by Machine Gun Kelly. At the time, the daughter in question 16 years of age which is what angers Em up-to to date.

Machine Gun Kelly originally dissed Eminem on Tech N9ne’s tracked named “No reason”;


Eminem then replied on Kamikaze’s “Not alike”;

And thats how rap devil was born;

Now while most people seem to acknowledge Machine Gun Kelly’s effort and tend to think his song is actually good, many think the repercussions could be severe for him and his career. Eminem is well respected and connected in the industry so if he decides to make calls in the industry then Kelly’s career could be affected negatively and secondly Eminem might just come back with a diss that could end Kelly’s career.

Either way beef is usually good for entertainment but we would hope it doesn’t get physical or lead to people getting injured.