All You Need To Know About Pokémon Go


The craze has swept the internet and now the streets are bursting up with players looking for Pokémon’s. It’s almost like the Wafula App that had Kenyans making fun of the luyha culture. As at July 31st 2016, Pokémon Go was among the most Google searches in Kenya, just months after the release of the iOS and Android interface game application.

How to Play Pokémon Go

All you need is a smartphone with an iOS or android OS and probably a good location because this is crucial. After downloading the game and establishing a game account, you create a virtual avatar by pre-determining the style, hair, eye color, outfit and even style.

This avatar will be displayed on your screen and will appear as though the Pokémon were there in the map real-time.


As you move in your real surrounding, the avatar moves correspondingly in the game’s map. The aim is to capture as many Pokémon as possible, which reside within your given geographical region.


You capture a Pokémon by throwing a Poke ball at it by flicking the ball from the bottom of the screen towards the Pokémon.

Rewards are given in two different currencies; candies and stardust. Candies are the deal, because only these are needed to level up and evolve a Pokémon to a level up

The 5th level is the deal, because then you are able to battle at the Pokémon gym and join one of the three teams; Valor (red) Instinct (blue) or Mystic (yellow).

What you need to Know about Pokémon

  • It is a free-to play meaning you don’t incur service charges when engaging in the game. It is also location based, using GPS capability and the player’s phone camera to identify the player’s geographical area.
  • It is also arguably one of the few games from Play store where a player uses physical capabilities to navigate through the real world in search of virtual monsters.
  • Pokémon Go has not officially been launched in Africa but the craze, wait and teasers are far and wide felt, not to mention the curiosity.
  • It poses security threat as players need to hold out there devices and be on the move in search of Pokémon. Such threats include accidents, theft and even network related problems as the game is highly reliant on operator services.

Generally, this is a game where your movement is applied to the game to help capture and indulge in the activities of your avatar within the game. You’ll love it, and best believe it is heroin-addictive.

Have you downloaded Pokemon Go? If so, tell us your experience.