The National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) yesterday (Thursday) outlined the deadline for the plastic bottle ban they plan on implementing this year.

The chairman of NEMA, John Konchella said that the deadline would be April 30th by which all stakeholders should have gotten rid of all plastic bottles.

Konchella said that they had spoken to vital stakeholders about the ban some of which (ie: Coca Cola Company) asked for the ban to be delayed. The company said that they are putting up a recycling company where the plastic bottles shall be recycled.

NEMA also added that markets that had not complied with the plastic ban, such as Ngara and City Markets shall be shut down. They said they would get the police and county askaris to aid them with having the markets shut down.

Plastic bags are still being imported from Uganda illegally making the ban difficult to enforce.

“Anybody seeking to resist [the ban] is performing a criminal act,” Konchella said.