Barbra Ng’eno aka Sage is a bubbly character that we enjoyed spending time with. Style surrounds her as she pulled some great poses during the photo shoot. 26 year old Sage, whose an eighth born in a family of ten has an undeniably lovely and smooth voice.  She describes herself as a very determined lady, a lover and very honest. Her main influencers being her mother, late father and Jesus Christ, why then should we be surprised that this damsel is very principled? Although she says that she is very emotional ( kucatch feelings here and there), she is very spiritual and believes that the world is more than what we see.

She is a member of three bands, Le Tortu, Ministry of Love and Jazz Girls but decided to branch out into the solo scene back in 2011 with a song with Octopizzo  – ‘So Alive’. The song got good response and she continued to give us yet another single ‘Maskini’. In this song Sage laments about this guy she is so much in love with mpaka she is hopeless. This is for the lovey dovey type of guys. Her music has been doing very well both on radio and downloads on mudundo. When she hooked up with Jay A on Dumbala, all her fans were immediately sold. Again one of her collabos made it to the top ten and maintained its position for quite a while. Looks like she was the missing link in those jams, coz she definitely adds the ‘umph’ they very much needed.

Sage started her musical journey a while back. Believe it or not, she has worked as Muthoni The Drama Queen’s backup singer for three years. She gets her musical inspiration from her, her life, and her experiences, people around her and basically her world. This means that if you are her true fan, you are part of her inspiration to do more music, more hit singles and great performances.

The most awesome thing that she could want to happen to her is to go to sleep and wake up as a child below five years old. These guys are the ultimate VIP’s of this world. Everyone is at their beg and call and they get everything they want. But for Sage, she would like to live their life and remember that life is more than the superficial, that there are more important things in life than what we sometimes fight for.

She has kept her love life on the DL. However she had a recent blow up of an alleged break up with Rabbit. Who she maintains is a good friend and inspiration in her music. This lady is soon to be mummy, well that love affair between her and the little one will not need to be put on the down low.

by snyder lukalia

Musically, we are yearning for more of her solo singles as well as crazy collaboz. Lets watch this space, she promises to blow us away.