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New App Allows One to Pay for their Sins With Cash; Sinmo APP


Technology is advancing day by day with new inventions being made each and every day. The question is who knew it would once get us to the point where the wages for sin are no longer death but can rather be paid for in cash?

The latest invention that’s currently trending is the Sinmo app that will now allow sinners pay for whatever sins they are contemplating on doing upfront. Even better is the fact that should you find yourself having committed the sin already without paying prior, the app will still allow you to do so later.

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The money used to pay for one’s sins will be directed to a congregation of their choice each and every time they pay for their sins.





Check out the video in the link below for better explanation from Comedy central;

The bad news about the new app is that the app will only be available to phones inseminated by “god” and since I knew for sure mine wasn’t likely to be the first one to be inseminated, I have widely searched for the app online using my android device and it’s unavailable.

Can someone from the iOS family alert us if they already got it??