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It was a wonderful time, everyone was excited, it was just a couple of days prior to the long awaited cultural week and to add onto that, finishing touches were being carried out on the new gate. It’s now been more than 8 months since the “finishing touches” were done on the new Nazarene main gate, The Sun City gate. The Sun City gate was first opened “officially” on the 7th of February 2013. The gate was said to have been expected herald a new chapter in the history of the African Nazarene University (ANU) as the journey into the university would have now been through the modern, biblically inspired ‘Sun City’ gate, constructed by the generous donations of the Sun City Arizona Church. Unfortunately though, the petrol station look alike gate has yet to meet its expectation since up to date the gate has yet to be used on journeys, as they said it would’ve been or simply used for people to get in or out of the school. But if generous donations were made by the Sun City 44317_10151385163038991_952643263_nArizona church of the Nazarene and even 18 members of their congregation even came to witness the grand opening of the new gate, why have the finishing touches that were to be put on the gate not yet been finished? Why did all activity being carried out on the gate suddenly stop almost immediately the crew from Sun City came to witness the grand opening? When will the new gate actually get to be used? These are just some of the questions going through almost all Nazarene students.