Those who did KCSE in 2017, last year, have been asked to go over their course selections if they want to ensure that they get a place in their desired universities doing the course they’d like.

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According to the new system now being used to give those seeking to commence university education, someone hoping to do engineering should get a C+ in all three science options – Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics – in order to do the course. Someone seeking to do law should get a B+ in both English AND Kiswahili.

“All candidates who scored a minimum mean grade of C- of 32 points shall be eligible for placement to pursue diploma courses offered in tertiary institutions. All candidates who scored a mean grade of D of 18 points and above shall be eligible for placement to craft certificates courses offered in tertiary institutions,” said KUCCPS chief executive Mr. Muraguri.

He also said that people who did KCSE before 2017 are now only able to apply for diploma or certificate courses.

There are 70,073 students who managed to get a C+ or above and they are set to join 70 universities in the country that have capacity for 100,000.