MoiAdmin2Incoming third and fourth years, Moi University, main campus both currently in long holidays will be starting their 1st semester on 16th June 2014. The semester is expected to end by 12th September. Their 2nd semester is however set to begin by 29th September to 24th December 2014.

According these new semester dates recently released, the semesters are expected to be shorter and there will be no time to waste. Lectures are expected to commence immediately the semesters begin. This is in a bid to try increase the number of semesters in a calendar year, a phenomenon branded the crush program. It is also expected to ease the congestion brought in by the double intake program. The number of graduation ceremonies has also increased from the traditional December only to September also as was held on 19th September in the past academic year, 2013/2014.

The incoming second years also currently in holiday are expected to join the first years on 10th March for their 1st semester. The first years are currently in campus together with the fourth years that are set to leave campus soon. The semester is expected to run till 6th June. The first years will however break for their long holidays by 6th June while the second years shall leave for a long holiday by 12th September. Engineering students alias the engineers are expected to break for their long holidays as from 17th May to 29th September.

The students are also notified that subsequent helb applications or the academic year 2014/2015 are open.

BY Mitiro Dominick