Falling in love, well that’s a process we all wish to experience, cause it’s such a great feeling. Shose, a darling to most & a sweetheart to all, has made us just do that. The first Lady of Instincts Records, brings us her debut track, “Falling in Love”, and literally has had the streets buzzing and slowly falling in love with her let alone the song.
Produced by Abbah (In-house Instincts producer) who is one of the most sought after producers currently after the success of Darassa’s “Muziki”, Baghdad’s “K” and Izzo Bizness & Abela’s “Umeniweza”, falling in Love is a tale of a girl who is falling for a guy irresistibly but the guy seems not to be settled and ready for commitment. But a girl can’t help but fall.
A fresh face in the industry, and the angelic voice, leaves listeners intrigued and wish to know more about the songstress. With a backing of a powerhouse such as Instincts Records, music lovers are in for a treat from Shose, as she is already doing the finishing touches on her debut album.
The video was shot on location in Dar Es Salaam, and was directed by the infamous Hanscana. Look forward to see Shose in a City near you as she is to embark on a city to city promo tour… Now that’s love, and we are ready to fall for it.
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