Octopizzo has come back to surprise his fans with a new hit. The new track titled TBT has also come on a throwback Thursday and it has already created a buzz among fans. It is also a new style for the Kibera number nane king. There is a change in his hardcore style that fans have come to associate him with. This new video directed by Russ Fraser has a Kapuka-like beat to it and can be jammed in the club.

Octopizzo has also incorporated dancers in this new video which signals a change in the way he is currently handling his music. Most Hip hop artists in Kenya  have gone this way due to the marketability of Kapuka music and its ability to keep club goers on the dance floor.

This new video by Octopizzo signals his great potential to traverse borders with his use of Sheng. From the video itself you can tell it was not shot in Kenya. The director is also foreign and the choreography is also done by white dancers.

The lyrics also do not disappoint as Octopizzo comes through with his witty wordplay as usual.
Check out the video here.