Whatsapp has launched a new feature that has brought a lot of confusion among users especially in Kenya. The feature which is known as whatsapp live status will allow users to upload photos and videos to their contacts. This means that instead of the normal text status that is normally on the application, now users can upload a photo or video as their status! This video or photo will be shown to your contact list when they check your status.

The feature is available on all Android, IOS, and Windows meaning all smartphones will get access to this new whatsapp status. This new status has been inspired by Snapchat stories and was announced earlier this week by the company. Now status will not be boring like that long text that has always been used by users of the application according to Indian Press


According to the above online magazine, the new whatsapp status works exactly like stories on Snapchat or Instagram. The status will appear to your contacts status tab and will only be available for 24 hours after which it disappears! The feature also lets you know how many people have viewed your status on the application.

The new feature is trying to keep up with the Snapchat application by bringing a similar feature. As usual Kenyans never fail to react to new things that affect them. Kenyans on twitter have already reacted to the new whatsapp status by creating a tag on twitter trying to understand how the application might affect their relationship with contacts on whatsapp. The tag #MyTakeOnTheNewWhatsapp has been trending on twitter for like 2 hours this morning and most Whatsapp users in Kenya are complaining about it while some have been completely taken by surprise!

Some tweets from users have had surprising reactions such as one @McOdongoKelvin who tweeted ‘#MyTakeOnTheNewWhatsapp we should have been consulted yawa!!’. Other reactions can be found on the tag #MyTakeOnTheNewWhatsapp on twitter but all in all the new whatsapp is bound to compete with snapchat and Instagram stories.