#NewMusic From Jaya Featuring Lady Jaydee ‘Sasa’. Watch it Here!


Have you ever thought what happens when Kenyan talent meet Tanzanian talent? I guess you’ve never really thought about it that deeply. Well, here’s what I think. If EA was united in the music industry, we’d even beat West African afrobeats. To prove if I’ll give Sasa by Jaya ft Lady Jaydee as my exhibit A.

‘Sasa’ is a great song as always : Jaya never disappoints. The fact that Lady Jaydee is featured takes the song a wonderful piece even without the video. The single starts with such energy from the very beginning. It’s catchy and the beats just make you wanna dance. The video is simple but you can feel Jaya tried to put a lil’ fun in it. The dancers are energetic and Jaya together with Lady Jaydee seem to be enjoying the song. What more do you need to enjoy a music video??

The fashion sense in this video is impossible to ignore. In high waist African Print trousers and her crazy hair do, Jaya looked amazing. Lady Jaydee , on the other hand looked interesting. As beautiful as always she sexy heels you couldn’t help notice and some funny looking pants. Maybe they’re a trending pair but I felt like they looked like an inverted Long sleeved shirt. Nevertheless, that’s just an opinion.

The song has quite the lyrics. If you’re at that point in life where things are moving too fast this is just your jam. It speaks to you , I’d know I’m in that muddle myself. It tells to take one day at a time. Here are some wise words from Jaya’s video:
”Therefore, don’t worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about itself.

 Each day has enough trouble of its own.”

Watch the video here>>>