Just when I thought Sarah Hassan could not have time for another job, she surprises us with this new hilarious sitcom. She together with Lizz Njagah and Mumbi Masai bring us an interesting show of the struggles of finding ‘the right one’ in Nairobi. The funny bits are mostly on the men they come across and the silly decisions they make.

This is a show that you don’t have to be in the ‘single and searching’ wagon to enjoy. It seems to be quite interesting, I’m not sure whether it’s the fact that it’s relatable or just how well they act it. Believe it or not this is an upcoming is highlighting those misadventures you go through in life. Remember that one night stand you had last night, that one time you tried to make him jealous and it backfired on you…or that one guy who loves you so much but you’re not into him?? All that drama and loads more. You may think it’s a chic flick but you’re wrong.

Here is the trailer to ‘How to Find a Husband’;