The Brazilian star Neymar made a fool of himself in the ongoing world cup with his exaggerated reactions as Brazil battled for the cup.  He has become the laughing stock following his ridiculous antics and instead of being the star he was, now everyone seems to think Neymar is a joke.

The Brazil forward attempted to make an opposing player in trouble by making the most ridiculous moves in the field. Neymar would often yelp in pain as he rolled only to rise to his feet seconds later just fine. Unfortunately, his fouls did not help Brazil as they got kicked out at the quarter final stage against Belgium.

The netizens all over the world have taken the Neymar antics into another level by creating the `Neymar Challenge’. The challenge has become a hit and has been trending for two days. The aim of the challenge is to imitate the Brazilian star by doing his outrageous antics. With the challenge one is to fling himself/herself to the ground even with the slightest touch and rolling around acting as if they’re in extreme pain.

Loads of people are having a go at it and here are some of the best `Neymar Challenge’;