Housing for the residents of East Africa’s most advanced city economically and intellectually has been quite a challenge to both the administrative sector as well as for the students studying in parts of Nairobi.  This is the story on how the university students have been coping up with life in the city.

Ngara among other places has recently been the hotbed of accommodation for university students from schools within the city and it’s out skirts. This is majorly students from the University of Nairobi, Kenyatta University and the Technical University of Kenya among other schools. I had the opportunity to talk to one students and a custodian.

Benjamin is a first year student at the University of Nairobi who sites lack of adequate accommodation in the school for him staying outside the school.

“Ngara is the place i have been staying for the few months I have been in campus”

He resorted to looking for accommodation in Ngara because he missed the room allocation in school with other students.

Upon inquiry to know the kind of housing and the payment, Benjamin had to say that they stay in a bed sitter that as enough space for up to 3 individuals and has a balcony for more space. They pay about ksh. 10,000 monthly.

He informed me that they were provided with enough security as there were security surveillance cameras and two security guards were also hired to keep watch alternating on a day and night routine.

“We feel so much safe because they have installed CCTV surveillance cameras within and outside the building and the security situation around the area is fine”

He adds that, despite the amount they pay which he feels is slightly high, they are provided with better services to enhance their studies as he points out that they have internet connection within the building and free Wi-Fi is also available.

I also sort to know more about the state of student housing from one house custodian by the name George in same Ngara estate.

“I am the one in charge of this place. The house in not actually an hostel but a place for both male and female students as well as any other individual who would like to stay here.”

George clarified to me on why many students are interested to stay in the house he is in charge of.

“Most of them here are students, they come because their schools are overwhelmed by accommodation and therefore find refuge with us. They prefer the place because they find it convenient for them as they study in schools within the town.”

And on the services they provide for them, George gives an affirmation of Benjamin’s sentiments that it was true they provide them with the free internet services and a safe environment for studies and work.