blackloveart23What is the definition of sex to young adults? Has it become very casual that it’s included in the ‘getting to know each other ’ stage of a relationship? Are they using protection? Does the person they are having sex with matter? At what age do they start having sex? Shocking revelations were made, guys are out there Gerring it in, Hammering, Banging,Chopping, Romping, Smashing, and worse still kuna wale wana Rombosa na Kunyanduana without a thought about STD’s and unwanted pregnancies.This is because contraceptive are the last thing they think about during  this ‘funtimes’.


Gone are the days when one would be caught dead saying that they have lost their virginity before they got married. A lady would be honored for getting married as a virgin and her wearing that sparkling white dress was very relevant.

Well, should we say that these days a lady might as well get married in a purple dress? Virginity is now seen as a burden to teens. Why would you still be a virgin at the ‘old age’ of 19? Sex is explored by young adults  and has slowly become a right of passage into most of the popular crews in school. For the guys, a dude gets more bragging rights if he has tapped more than one chic.  He is seen as the Lord of the game and ironically he also becomes popular with the ladies. This is because the other chilles are now very curious to know what exactly he does to have managed to ‘Score’the rest.  Therefore, more fall into his smash list and his cool points increase.

For the ladies, they will only tell their close friends whom they lost it to, when and how it was. A lady would not reveal how many peeps she has been smashed by as this will make them get labeled as too generous.


The Score Sheet

How many peeps have you tapped?  Because then you earn yourself more cool points and bragging rights as the king or queen of the game. This  unfortunately is very important to teens, they value their cool points and would do anything to make sure they are on top of this ‘score sheet’. The pressure to be with the popular crowd forces one to indulge in these un-informed practices. They get the worst advice from friends as of course one would not go to their parents on how to increase their cool points through under age sex. Yes, these teens know very well that what they are getting into is not meant for them, well at least at their age but hey, who wants to be unpopular in their teen years. So Y.O.L.O they say and they become ‘professionals’ at their tender age.


Young adults are more afraid of getting pregnant than getting an STD. They argue that one can live with the STD or get treated and go back to their normal life.  With pregnancy, both parties are responsible and it’s a lifetime job taking care of the child. One will have a lot of responsibility; his and her lives are practically over. There will be no more hanging out with your peeps and random plot; one has to think about the child first. They say with an STD, one can still go out, hang out with guys and still be in school. Better still, one can go to hospital and get it taken care of. They are therefore abusing the morning after pill forgetting about its side effects.

They further say that it is very difficult for them to go and buy condoms as they are usually put at a very open place and thus they are shy to get them. Some of them have no idea of how to use them, and since they do not want to look lame in front of their partners, they will not ask and end up having sex without protection with the hope of using morning after pill to prevent the unwanted pregnancy.


Well of course it is a bit special if you have sexual relations with your boy friend and girl friend, but this is not a necessity to teens. A partner to them is a guy or chille who wants some just as much as you want it. ‘No strings attached ‘, ‘Friends with Benefits’ and ‘Tap Buddy’ are some of the names they call their partners. This is the guy or chille you always call whenever you want some; you do not have to have anything in common or even like each other. Your relationship is based on sex only.

They do not really care about each other, apart from the time they are meeting and where. In case where the chic gets pregnant, the guy has nothing to do with it coz honestly he is not sure whether he was her only tap buddy. So she is left to deal with it alone and that of course marks the end of the sex relations and the guy is off to the next one.

 By Snyder Akonya