Kenyan actor and ladies favorite man is doing big and representing the country on another level. Nick Mutuma has been a TV host, is still a model and an actor and his career seems to be taking another direction into the sky.

He has acted in various films in Kenya and recently landed a role in a Nigerian Series This is It. Nick Mutuma has always been a favorite among ladies as he once dated Bridgette Shigadi before they broke up. His looks and adding to his modelling career have landed him advertising roles in the past.

Nick Mutuma has managed to work with renown individuals such as Tanzanian music queen Vanessa Mdee. The two happened to meet in South Africa for the shooting of MTV Shuga: Down South which is currently showing on MTV.

Speaking to Capital FM last night Nick revealed that he has landed a role as an ambassador of the South African airlines. He was speaking to Miss Mandii and Soulo on their Hits Not Homework show on Capital FM. Nick said that it was a huge opportunity for him and the only direction he is going to take is towards the sky.

We hope he continues to fly our Kenyan flag high as his career.