Nick Mutuma, the young Kenyan whose acting so many ladies watch with heart eyes revealed that he’s in a relationship. Recently, the ‘This Is Us’ actor revealed that he is no longer single and is dating a special lady. A week ago he was on Ebru TV’s Let’s Talk show to discuss various things including his career and relationship status.

Some were wondering why he didn’t post her on his social media like he would in his previous relationships with other women. He clearly has learnt from past experiences and mistakes.

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His explanation was:

” I used to be one of those guys like f I was dating someone; I didn’t see any problem with putting them on social media, because that’s my woman and I want to show her off to the world. But then I realised that it’s important to protect the people that you care about from the limelight and the negative things that come with it.”


We wish them all the best.


Source: Let’s Talk, kiss100