If you are a fan of Hip-hop music you must have an idea about the ongoing beef between Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma. There have been tracks everywhere calling each other names. Remy Ma went on to release two diss tracks that were aimed at Nicki Minaj after the Young Money queen had thrown a shade at her in a track she did with Gucci Mane.

The latest diss track by Nicki Minaj is called No Frauds and it features Young Money stablemates Lil Wayne and Drake. Nicki Minaj has been quiet for long after the first and second Remy Ma diss tracks and has now taken her chance to bite back.

I do not want to judge the lyrics so far but as Kalekye Mumo asked on her twitter page @KalekyeMumo what the audience thought of the lyrics, I also ask the same. Kalekye also shared the lyrics below from that track.

The lyrics in this song go hard on Remy Ma with Nicki Minaj calling out the rapper on her prison drama and her parental responsibility. The lyric video can be found on this link https://youtu.be/RTFYFLEAgqg courtesy of YouTube.

Nicki goes on to claim that she has made more money according to the numbers and that she does that because she’s is the queen of rap. There have been reactions with some people claiming that she did some justice on the track while others claim that she completely disappointed her fans this time round by stooping too low.

The beef is set to continue because I’m sure Remy Ma will respond soon as she always does. Meanwhile watch the above video and leave your response, you never know Nicki might mention you next time.