Njenga Karume’s Grandson Arrested Over Drug Trafficking


Reports came out today that Njenga Karume’s grandson was arrested over trafficking cocaine and marijuana. Officers at the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) are holding James Njenga Kihato who is grandson to the late magnate and former Minister for Defense in relation to narcotic trafficking charges. His co-accused are Lawrence Muketo Ngula and Joseph Mutua Kimeu. The three were arrested from James’ house in Lavington in a police operation.

Police involved in the operation said they found several pounds of imported high-grade marijuana and sachets of hard drugs including cocaine. It is said that James has been importing narcotics such as Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD) from abroad including several European countries. LSD’s are said to be highly hallucinogenic, addictive and popular among the youth in Nairobi especially in the high-end clubs as it gives them a quick high.
How encryption works and the contours of successful encryption strategy Are we prepared for the evolving nature of cyber crime? Mombasa leaders raise concern over youth gangs and violent crime Investigations have revealed that James was one of the affiliate members involved in the planning of “Project X” Party in Nairobi, which planned to invite youth to a sex and drugs party at various locations in Nairobi including Kileleshwa.
The planned party elicited criticism from religious groups and parents leading to its cancellation by the Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet. It was later established an international pornography ring was behind the controversial sex party that was planned in Nairobi in March 2016. Kenya Film Classification Board head Ezekiel Mutua said the party was organised so people could make pornographic films.
Organisers had set out a raunchy publicity material showing half-naked women with the promise that it would be “one night to lose your mind”. Project X takes its name from a 2012 Hollywood film that showed a group of teenagers organising a party, which gets out of control.A source who did not want to be disclosed indicated that James runs a narcotics distribution network in Nairobi,with ties to Kampala in Uganda.
It is said that he also operates several Shisha joints in various popular clubs within Nairobi, which are used as conduits for narcotics distribution. Investigators have complained of interference by some family members leading to the transfer of the accused to Karen Hospital to prevent his custody at the police station. He was moved to the hospital after he complained of being unwell. The three are set to appear in court on Thursday July 21, 2016.