The industry is rife with beef these days, nobody seems to want greens anymore; or maybe it’s just a way to get them greens!

From the Octopizzo-Khaligraph beef to the on-going Femi-Njeri beef, clap back season doesnt seem to be coming to a close soon. Njeri opens a can of whoop ass on Femi one on this new track, a response to Femi’s Pilau Njeri.

Femi One Disses Upcoming Female Rappers in Pilau Njeri

Titled “Conoka”(loosely translated to having no shame), Njeri spits hard venom verse after verse, leaving nothing to chance. She has a nice flow, incorporating her native language in her rhymes. The Kikuyu in the song adds flavor to the joint, and goes really well with the beat.

Have a listen:

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