An upcoming comedian known as JB Mole is accusing famous comedian Njugush alias blessednjuguna of copy pasting his jokes and storylines.

The upcoming comedian who we don’t know much about yesterday took to Facebook to share his agony with his friends before the issue quickly blew up and was published by a number of online media outlets.

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“This is how upcoming artists are drowned and dreams killed because of the already made it big people”,

read a part of a long caption which accompanied a number of screenshots of his videos and Njugushs’ videos which he claims shared the same ideas.

Here is the full message the seemingly hurt artist posted on Facebook;

Meanwhile a number of people seemed to agree with JB with some calling out Njugush for his “theft”. One of the videos the now high soaring Comedian Njungus is accused of stealing is a video he shared on twitter titled “Make up tutorial goes up in smoke”.