Kenyan Rapper whose real name is Florence Kutoto and is popularly known as Notiflow has come out to say that she is the baddest rapper in Africa.


In a post she shared on her gram page, Noti acknowledged that her only competition is Rosa Ree a female rapper based in Tanzania.

Rosa Ree is known for hit songs such as Up in the air and Banjuka and her latest hit collabo with our very own Kenyan musician Timmy T Dat b the name Kipopo.


In the post, Noti  claims some bitches be stealing her swag and captioned it this way:

Ad say my only competition in Africa is Rosa ree.. & that’s only because she has a well connected management unlike me 💁🏽‍♀️ Hivi visungura vingine can’t tell me nothing even with their managements & shit.. kelele tupu. I see some bitches trying too hard to copy my swag & shit 🤣 y’all will never be Queen Noti 🥴 Y’all will never be #badgalnoti

She further went ahead to tell her competitors that she is in a musical break and that even when she returns she is still better and bigger than them:


Toeni hizo kelele zenu you call music ata 100 of them nkirudi bado nawaosha ki Nyashinski 👊🏽 lmao

Noti Savagely told off her haters that she is enjoying having “lipunda” from her man Colonel Mustafa who many know as Mr. Lipunda.

😎👎🏾 Am on a fuckin break 💁🏽‍♀️🍹👙Enjoying Lipunda 😜 & securing my bag 💰 Wait till I get my money right 😎

Check out the post:


Check out some reactions:

Stargal:  Kuna ngoma inatwa dry spell manze that lady can rap ni venye hajulikani #dryspell

Lil:  I like it how you go hard on these bitches😀😀

Jackson:  Ushasema queen bt are you sure unaenjoy lipunda!!!c itaingia Hadi kwa mapua,hahaha si heri kajulubeng🤣jus kidding!kuwa noti that’s y I like you