Female rapper Noti Flow doesn’t seem to be letting her beef with fellow female rappers slide anytime soon. With her recent diss track hitting 200,000 views on YouTube, she seems to be gassed up. This time, she’s going for head-shots only, hitting out at rapper Kyki. And get this, she’s an IT “specialist” too, apparently.

Rapper Noti Flow hits back At Femi One with β€œForehead”

In the long post on her Instagram account, she goes on about how the likes on Femi One are fans and stalk her on her social media and YouTube channel just to see how her diss track is doing.

She further details how she came into the industry with a plan, aiming at putting on fellow female artists and how Kyki is a drama queen, lazy and even goes on to say she made Kyki famous.

“Femiplan really likes my diss track 😁 She has been playing it eerday. Don’t know if it’s to check how many views it gat or coz the track is dubbed #forehead ‘something she and her fellow empire mates gat’ πŸ˜‚ Ooh well, she’s just a fan. πŸ’ Understandable. Am fuckin good at IT n Apps now btw πŸ™€ Y’all bitches stalking me on my social media sites n shit.. Watching my YouTube videos and disliking them I see all of y’all. I know y’all. My Xs n Xs’ bitches too πŸ˜‚ πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€ Kyki Mwitu did the intro to my song & i still dissed that bitch on the same damn track πŸ˜‚ Bitch come test me πŸ˜ˆπŸ‘… Doing intro for Queen πŸ‘‘.. That’s more like it πŸ™…πŸ˜ I #queennoti came up with a plan.. As a young female rapper, I needed to support other upcoming female rappers by introducing them to the industry. By so I decided I was gonna get a few upcoming female rappers willing to work and prove a point in this industry.. I Put em together n we worked on a track dubbed #sisindiohao . It consisted of 6 young female rappers Kyki included. The track did pretty well.. Some airplay.. Recognition and interviews. The very first interview we got on 26th Dec 2015.. All the other femcees cooperated and came except for lil miss drama Kyki Mwitu who started fights n drama and even insulted the producer of Str8t Up show KTN. Lil bitch daent have etiquette nor courtesy nor understanding on how to live with people. We were supposed to perform the same song at Tribeca Mseto EA. Lil bitch was prolly looking for kuku mwitu to eat. She never came. Bitch daent evn know wat she want.. She’s lazy af. Bitch can’t even wash her hair. Then now she beefing.. 😁 Why tho? Lil bitch I washed u up, I cleaned you, I introduced you to the game, Bitch I made you famous! Well, not tht famous coz very few of u know her. But haingekuwa mimi your career ingekuwa kuuza kuku Mwitu na Chipo. Kwanza zile vichwa miguu, manyoya sijui.. Zile hutupwa kutoka chicken Inn. πŸ˜‚ I rule your asses. Wen the Queen speaks u shut up. No wonder you said ‘yo mama never raised you’ 😎 Ud hv learnt how to Respect the bridges tht got you to the other end. Not burn them. Cz u might nid them.
Big up @edwardmartins_ & @richieg254 for Sisi Ndio Hao πŸ‘Š”

Well, the self proclaimed Queen has talked, let’s wait and see who responds; if they don’t heed her proclamation to shut up, that is.