Nyashinski is one artist who needs no introduction.He is part of the group Kleptomaniax and had traveled to the United States Of America for further studies and work. Now he is back in Kenya,ready and willing to change the face of the industry and still reign as the King Of Rap.

I spoke to him at Coke Studio about his life and musical career and this is what he had to say:

How does it feel to be back in Kenya?

It feels great. It feels so good when I walk in the streets, and I’m told welcome home by the people.

What was the inspiration behind ‘Now You Know’?

I wrote it from my heart talking about very many different topics in very many different angles. It was what I was feeling at the time. I needed to say some things and my music is honest.


Are there any changes you have noticed about the Kenyan Music Industry since you came?

People are more diverse, there are more styles, and more risks have been taken. There are more revenue streams. People can buy music, people are now getting royalties as compared to back in the day.

Is Kleptomaniax ever going to make a come back on the music scene?

We are still in the music scene and are constant. It doesn’t go away. It is something we can’t forget. People have a connection with us.


What was going through your mind as you performed with Amani at the Plot Concert afew months ago?

It was like Dejavu.I’ve performed only twice in Kenya with her, as we are both always travelling or scheduling stuff. It felt good and I was nervous at first.Ive always wanted to give people my best from every verse or line. I gave 100% of my best and it went well.


How was it working with Trey Songz afew weeks ago?

It was fun. He is very talented, a good person, humble, funny, very serious and very professional. I learnt alot from working with him.

What are your expectations for this particular season of Coke Studio?

To discover different things, expecting to learn different things about different cultures.

How are you feeling about being teamed up with Yemi Alade and Ruby?

It is so much fun. Ruby is a young upcoming Tanzanian artist, and Yemi is an amazing, great and phenomenal writer. She is fun to be around and she is quite funny.

What other projects are you working on?

New music and new videos.

Any advice to the youth/Any last words?

Treat your mum with respect. Always keep time.