#NyeriSpeaks : Why Your Transformer Is Cut Off!!

In the African society a man is usually the head of the family, the power behind the home, the provider and even the savior, growing up as a girl my mother taught me to respect any man, younger or older than me they deserved respect. It is written in the Bible that I should do so and until know I still search for that verse. However, what happens when a society is built on empowering the girl child and forgets about the boy child? At work, we are always debating on how men think the government is forgetting about the boy child and the same was said by one of my closest friends about how she was scared for her own son. She wondered what kind of life he would  have in a world filled with powerful over empowered women. However I always assured  her he had a better chance because that only meant  hell grow up in a world where women knew their worth, their rights and instead of being the head of anything, he’ll have a chance to be in partnership with a woman who is as brilliant as he is? That always made her feel better. But now am thinking does he really have a chance and is everything transpiring a result of us forgetting the boy child???or his right. when a man says hes tired he cannot perform his duties as a husband should we be more concerned with their health or should we assume the worst and think he’s sleeping with someone else other than we?  Ama wengineo tutanoa visu tungoje?

Reasons why It is cut!

But before I go on everyone’s pointing a finger at Nyeri women, it only reminds me of what Jesus said about one looking at the speck in your brothers eyes but not seeing the log in your eyes. This is not the first time reports have been coming in about men being abused in their own homes but this one had to make  headlines. Lets think about it, what do you think that man did that was so nasty that his own wife cut his manhood? I would go ahead and say maybe its because he wasn’t using it or maybe he was using it with someone else other than her? We women tend to be really possessive always on the look out for anyone or anything that wants to take what’s ours we are like grizzly bears we protect what belongs to us at any cost and destroy what hurts us…that’s just us. So I am thinking, if I come home from work, exhausted of course but still manage to cook for you, prepare that warm water for you.  But when you get home you do not even look at the food I prepared, go off to the shower and when we are in the bedroom you claim your too tired to even touch me. Buda boss, hiyo kitu inakatwa!!

Guys tend to think women are there because of their money but how many of you can tell me you have  a quarter an acre of land to your name?{ as an African I was taught to measure the wealth of a man by the acres of land he has or by the number of cattle he owns},your wife is human and she needs a body to keep her warm and if you don’t do that shell either cheat on you or cut it since it has no use for her.

As humans we have to be more understanding, no one knows the frustration that lady had, so we cannot judge her or their bedroom matters ,she might as well had been  sexually starved and that can drive one crazy look it up until your in her shoes you would never understand, If I were her lawyer id plead insanity due to sexually starvation but that’s not what drove her to cut his manhood she might have been thinking about it for a while  even joked about it while chatting with her friends about how the husband was useless and he never turns it on in the bedroom, but I think what broke the camels back was when she found out he was using it on someone else other than her she went all protective mode if I cant have it no one can, I can assure you it had nothing to do with the money.  but men since you made it clear cheating was in your DNA when you go out there and act like the men you say you are, you should know there are women, real women with feelings waiting for you at home drunk or not you have to fulfill your right as a husband, doesn’t matter whether you were with your gashungwa during the day that’s your business  work has to be done or else this will not be the last case will hear and  you’ll all be witnesses to this since now we know where to apply to mkileta  muchezo….

By @KaraniJanet

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