Rap artist Octopizzo released the visuals to his track with Danton and M Lay titled Last Shot, yesterday. The video is set around Kakuma refugee camp, with Octo, Danton, M Lay and a few refugees from the camp.
The lyrics of the song focuses on the plight of refugees in camps and the struggles they undergo. It touches on a myriad of issues such as the South Sudan crisis, loss of human life, hunger, lack of (proper) shelter, rape, murder, malnutrition among others. The video direction takes a generally subtle approach and captures beautiful simple shots.
On one of the verses, Octopizzo raps;
“Hii si crisis, ka siz anacry still/ Malnutrition kids daily wanadai meal/Na hapa si mwisho kids daily wana-die still/Hatupewi kazi na si’ wote tuko na dying skills/Regugeenius kwa hizo studio tunadai deals/20 years later na bado tunastay kwa kambi/Back home bado politician anatoa kitambi/Last time nili-check ku-murder wasee ilikuwa dhambi…”
Danton and M Lay come in nicely in the hook to give an overall great sounding track, and it’s informative to boot.
Since the early ’90s, Kenya has been home to two major refugee camps, Kakuma and Dadaab, which host hundreds pod thousands of people from Somalia, DR Congo, Rwanda, South Sudan and other war-torn nations across Africa. On World Refugee Day in 2013, the UNHCR – the United Nation’s refugee agency – invited Octopizzo to play the first of many gigs in camps across the country. He went on to become a UN Ambassador under the UNHCR.
Octopizzo has been partnering with the UN as opposed to being their employee as it gives him the chance to voice his thoughts without.
He has been engaged in numerous projects with the UNHCR and has even signed some acts from the camp to his label in an effort to support and nurture talent from the camps. Check out his latest track.