Kenyan music is just becoming the music to listen to lately. And what other way to celebrate that culture other than to take it all the way back to where it began. Kenyan lyrical king Octopizzo takes us back to Butere, his ancestral home with the new track “Butere” which he dedicates to his humble beginnings, culture and heritage.

The song is truly African with African instruments playing at the beginning while he introduces the songs. Ululations by women together with chants from men,

“Safari ya Butere! Safari ya Butere! Safari ya Butere!” in an African fashion comes out well in bringing out the local flow.

Octopizzo does not go all gangsta and comes out simple and basic in his lyrics which make it appeal to upcountry music lovers, and it’s pretty catchy and easy to learn.

He does not however, limit it to Butere but traverses the country by mentioning Lamu, Nyeri, Garrisa and of course Kibera.

The music video resonates well with the whole piece of art in that it captures the traditions, the pride and the lifestyle of people upcountry. The mockery of the Luhya culture is clearly documented in chicken and motor bikes.

Seems like Octopizzo is grown and all about appraisal, shifting his focus back inwards rather than outwards. It is a great song!

Watch it below and tell us what you think.