abdiA recent story on “Captain Phillips” star Barkhad Abdi — who plays Muse, the leader of the group of pirates who take on Tom Hanks in Paul Greengrass’ film — reveals he was paid a total of $65,000 for his part in the movie, and is now struggling to make ends meet.The ‘Captain Phillips’ star narrowly missed out on the Best Supporting Actor Oscar at the Academy Awards but is said to have spent most of the $US65,000 he was paid to film the movie – which was made two years ago. – and is still looking for his next role.

the 28 years old  is looked after by the film’s studio when he is in Los Angeles, as they give him expense money each day and put him up at the Beverly Hilton hotel, although he has recently requested to stay in a much less grand hotel near LAX airport so he can be near a Somali friend.

Abdi’s family are Somalian refugees who escaped the violence in the country by going to Yemen, and then making their way to U.S. where they settled near Minneapolis. And that’s where Abdi was working, at a mobile phone store, after filming on “Captain Phillips” wrapped, but once the movie hit theaters he moved to L.A. hoping to springboard off his new found fame.

Apparantly, his clothes for the Oscars were loaned, as they are with almost every star.

Barkhad recently won the BAFTA for Best Supporting Actor and said his co-star, Tom Hanks, had given him valuable advice for the future.