VarCity: Who is BriPhill Brayo?

BriPhill: BriPhill Brayo is an artist and a producer

VarCity: How did you start your Music Career?

BriPhill: I started back in form 3, that was back in 2007 and i used to participate in hiphop concerts search as Wapi at British Council and Hiphop events in Goethe Institute.

VarCity: Then?

BriPhill: In 2008 i became serious when i got hosted in Hiphop Halisi which was hosted Wakamba Wawili back then. It’s that show which gave me the platform and opened the door for me to do a track with Octopizzo titled “Mada Wadhe”

VarCity: How did that work for you?

BriPhill: It made me appear in a number of Cyphers and most notably the Sprite Cypher which was on air for more than 3 weeks, then after that i went silent.

VarCity: What Happened?

BriPhill: I was caught up with school, family issues and took the time to learn the game. The time i took made me learn and share my experience in the industry.

VarCity: Who influences your Music?

BriPhill: Internationally I emulate Jadakiss on his lyrical prowess.

Locally I emulate Kleptomanix more so Nyashinky who inspired me. I always used to rap along to their songs.

VarCity: How many songs have you released so far?

BriPhill: Basically I have 4 songs which received great airplay and “Mada Wadhi” featuring Octopizzo gave me a great tap on the back.

VarCity: What was the idea behind “Represent”?

BriPhill: Generally it was anthem to everyone representing their hood, their hustle and everything they are doing positively to the community.

VarCity: Where have you performed so far?

BriPhill: Wapi Concerts and the Hiphop Concerts that have organized around.

VarCity: What is your thought on the state of Hiphop Music?

BriPhill: The hip-hop scene needs to be given time and we need to have more videos and given more platform to showcase their music.

VarCity: How do you distribute your Music?

BriPhill: I just bootleg my Music.

VarCity: What are some of the challenges that you face in your Music?

BriPhill: I got financial challenges in terms of production, Studio time to record Music and Exposure to the industry.

VarCity: Any parting shot for the upcoming artists?

BriPhill: Patience, Patience, Patience