One on One with Jkuat Karen President – Jefferson Pele.




Varcity:    Hello,Mr.President….why don’t you introduce yourself to those who may not be   acquainted with you


Pele:  My name is Pele Erick Jefferson,Thank you for hosting me.


Varcity:   You’re the current president of JKUAT-KAREN are you not??


Pele:  Yes i am.


Varcity:Is it your first time in office??


Pele: No..Its my second time…I was the external affairs secretary 2012/2013..


Varcity: What do you love most about being in office??


Pele: I love being criticized because I do my best to disapprove haters,plus i like the opportunities i encounter as they open my ways.


Varcity: Am sure being in office has its downsides too..Mind givings us what you hate most about it??


Pele: i hate disappointments..more so when i cant fulfill my obligation.


Varcity: We all got nicknames since pre-school,what was yours and why


Pele: My nickname was Sir.Pelleh because of my dress code and the way i carry myself both in public and in private


Varcity: Though am sure you are of impeccable character…What are your most embarrassing moments??


Pele: *chuckles*when i ‘chewed’ blackout at the parking lot in galleria and i had to be carried by my classmates(ladies)into the car and to my place.


Varcity : You seem to have a lot of ladies in your life,are you currently single?


Pele: Not really,am seriously dating some cute chiq somewhere


Varcity : Okay..So I have to ask..this pombe bangi video…Those are your students right??


Pele: Yes,some but not all.


Varcity: Any comments on it??


Pele: It was such a disgrace to Jkuat fraternity but all in all,s*** happens,and now its nothing but water under the bridge.


Varcity: Okay,We thank you again for allowing us to interview you


Pele: The pleasure was all mine:)