Mr and Miss Cuea went down a couple of days ago and due to public demand coupled with natural curiosity..we decided to give you an exclusive interview with the newly crowned Mr and Miss of the Catholic University of East Africa.Here is what they had to say….

VK: Welcome to Varcity…Mind introducing yourselves as we begin??Ladies first of course.
Cindy:Hey,my name is Cindy Mochere.
Kevin:and I am Kevin Owiti.
VK: You are the reigning Mr and Miss Cuea…I have to ask,was it your first time modelling??
Cindy:Not really,I have modelled for Vazzi wear,Linen&Khaki fashion,a few photo shoots..nothing major really..
VK: What of you Kevin?
Kevin:No..I have been doing commercial modelling for a while,around one and a half years..I’m signed to Versatile at the moment…and i have been in like 5-6 ads.
VK: How did it feel to win??
Kevin:Ecstatic!!Amazing.I couldn’t believe it because the competition I was up against was quite stiff.I am glad I won though.
VK: Cindy??
Cindy:*chuckles*It was an amazing moment…I cant say i really expected it considering the stiff competition but a part of me felt I was good enough to take the title.
VK: What do you think made you carry the crown??
Cindy:My confidence on the runway and ability to answer questions intelligently…and a beautiful smile*blush*
Kevin:I think its coz I was innovative.My style was different from all the other contestants.
VK:So tell us about yourselves..for instance what you pursue.
Kevin:I do Business Management,Commerce.
Cindy:Am in my 3rd year studying Law.
VK: Both your courses require a lot of time and attention…how do you balance your worlds.
Cindy:Its tricky actually!!but once you know how to prioritize issues you become well organized and you’re able to handle it.
Kevin:Yeah..Its all about being focused and giving it your all.That’s what i,i don’t see it as much of an issue.
VK: You’re both stunning individuals…are you dating??and if yes,how long have you been in it.
Cindy:Yes,I am..been in a relationship for one year and about  two months.
Kevin:No,I am single.
VK:How does a guy like you not have a girl??
Kevin:Lol..Too much variety I guess.I joke …I guess its just that i have trust issues.
VK:Okay..what is that one thing people don’t know about you??
Kevin:Well..I guess it depends.From my posture and outward appearance,people tend to come to conclusions that i am proud and egocentric but the truth is I am a really compassionate and down to earth kinda guy.
VK:What of you Cindy?
Cindy:I really cry a lot about anything that makes me sad or whenever am stressed.
VK:So..did you cry after winning??
Cindy:Haha..almost:)but i had it under control
VK:Happy to hear that…So..any last words to your fans..or even upcoming models??
Kevin:I thank them for having my back all through,for their support and for believing in me.All that I ask is that they still have my back coz i never disappoint people that believe in me  and i always give back in whichever way possible.
Cindy:I would like to thank God ,all the special people who supported me throughout the experience and for upcoming models;in whatever you do,have a winning mind and also make sure in the end you had fun.
VK:It was a pleasure having both of you here.
Both: Thankyou so much for the opportunity.
Well there you have it..Catch more of their pics or even interact with the @Cee_Mochere and @kymo_baby
By Vix.