The Ongea Summit was held on 16th February 2017 at 12p.m at Sarit Centre. Various artists and entertainment organizations had stands which guests would visit so as to know more about them. Among the organizations present were MCSK, PRISK, KAMP, Protel Studios, Kenya Conservatoire of Music, Sauti Academy and Artville Music School. Artists present were Tetu Shani, Fadhilee Itulya, Noel Nderitu, producer Dominic Khaemba among others.

Sauti Academy held auditions before the workshop which were facilitated by rapper, Jemedari. A few people took to the stage to perform before Natalie Lukkenaer, Sauti Academy’s director who acted as a judge. She would give artists feedback after their performances. Lil’ Chris, a rapper at the auditions however, did not take too well to Natalie’s comments following his performance using a playback. She told him that he basically did not perform because he sang along to his recording. She then urged artists to take their live performances seriously as it is a craft she takes seriously. Chris retaliated by saying he was not there for auditions but was called in to perform his track. The song passed as a dedication to his mother as it expressed appreciation for her and what she did in his life. Despite a bit of drama, the auditions continued and were concluded by an artist who performed in the Gikuyu language which intrigued everyone because his clothing gave the impression that he is a rapper or hip-hop artist. His vocals were impeccable.

The auditions were followed by a workshop, which began at 3p.m. The topic was, “ Is Music Education offered relevant to the industry?” It was facilitated by Dr. Wambugu, a music lecturer at Kenyatta University who was also a member of the panel. They gave insight on the topic as well as debated on the topic from their different standpoints and professions. Natalie argued that music theory is important but not as necessary to singers as it is to instrumentalists. The discussion emphasized on musicians equipping themselves further with music knowledge, even with just the basics.

The summit is on going; if music is your interest make your way to Sarit Centre to mingle with various people in the industry and learn more about how to perfect your craft.