Online Betting Amongst the Kenyan Youth

Online gambling has taken shape among the Kenyan youth. Most of the youth have adapted to the new methods of online gambling within the country. We are living in a century where betting is the order of the day.

How do the betting firms sell their products?

With the availability of Television in every household, betting is being advertised right in front of our eyes. We have various televisions stations in the country such as Shabiki, Pambazuka lottery, Betin, Lotto, Sport Pesa, among many others.

Apart from going to Casinos, betting has now been made ease. It is just a matter of flipping and tossing one’s fingers and you are already good to go. This has been made easy with uploading of the Betting Apps in the mobile app stores.

Some of these betting firms have sponsored football clubs in Kenya. For instance, Sport Pesa is sponsoring Gor Mahia and AFC Leopards teams. This has also contributed to them being in existence in the country.

The Kenyan youth get involved in betting by placing bets inform of money as they predict the outcomes of various games. Over 5 million Kenyans are indebted to the scourge of betting without understanding its effects.

What motivates the culture of online betting?

Majority of the Kenyan youth have been lured to join the betting world due to various reasons. Some join the betting world as result of unemployment. We have a huge population that is unemployed and have resulted to join the world of betting.

Some of the youth in the universities are also lured into betting as they have free time when they watch football. For some they need quick money that comes after they have correct predictions.

Desire for more money and entertainment are some of the drive factors associated with betting. Some of the Youths have also gambled with their fees and lost hence leading to suicidal experiences. Apart from suicidal, they are also losing concentration especially those in Kenyan Universities.

The age limit for betting also has not been well defined and thus the youth find themselves easily joining sports betting as internet is already available at an affordable price.

Challenges and side effects of online betting

The Kenyan Youth who have engaged in gambling can attest the addictive nature of betting. This has been a biggest challenge to many people who are addicted. They find it hard for them to stop the act that takes most of their money and time.

Gambling has also created a population of the youth who are lazy. In Kenya, majority of the Youth are loitering in the streets while others laze around their homesteads and do not want to engage in an active roles in the society.

The government of Kenya has tried to regulate the betting activities. The betting firms have been regulated though some still operate without so much regulation. If the regulation doesn’t work, betting is likely to mess the Kenyan economic growth with adverse effects.

If the issues of betting aren’t looked into , we might end up raising a population of the youth that keeps transitioning into the betting culture once they are lured into to it.




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