Online Writing Jobs – The Newest Trade For Students

Kenyatta University students are known for the online writing they usually partake in. It is not the mainstream writing we all thought, conversational writing like articles, stories and the likes. It is essay writing, term papers in other news, academic writing.

They are usually located in Kahawa. Either of the two, Wendani or Sukari. A visit to one of the offices, and this is how they actually operate. It is a two bedroom flat in Kahawa Sukari. What is supposed to be the sitting room is filled with tables and chairs; it looks like a board room. Every station has a laptop, a desktop and someone behind it.

They look mentally drained from the first look, but determined. You can tell they are dedicated, from the empty packets of milk, half bitten mandazis and water bottles. As you reach out to shake one of the writers hand, they do it half-heartedly because the other half is married to ambition. The men are more than the ladies, because most ladies prefer working from the comfort of their homes.

One of the bedrooms is also an office. With more work stations, but they belong to the new trainees and the supervisors. The other room has mattresses and suitcases. They provide the writers with Wi-Fi; in return the writers must master all the referencing styles, especially APA and MLA since those are the commonly used.

Most of them don’t have social lives; a long holiday only means the hustle gets real. Some orders pay a maximum of Kshs. 500 and a minimum of 200. So one can make 15,000 every two weeks according to one of the dedicated young man who studies education at Kenyatta University. He continues giving his opinion, with the current situation in the country, teachers are always on the road every year, demanding pay rises, but he uses his skills to do online writing that he loves and has mastered.

Instead of one waiting for graduation and hoping to miraculously get jobs, these young men and women have gone an extra mile to make ends meet even if it means denouncing a social life and reading extensively out of their field of profession. But a student has to do what a student has to do.

Do you have an online job or looking for one. Tell us your experience below.

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