Vera Sidika was the first to run to social media when they first broke up screaming Otile Brown didn’t even love her in the first place and that he had only used her.

Otile Brown on the other side tried to remain the bigger person saying less about the break up but maintaining he did have his own reasons for leaving the socialite/entrepreneur. The “Baby Love hit maker” received a lot of hate from some of their fans most whom we assume were from Vee’s side.

Well weeks later, it seems like Otile is finally ready to tell his own side of the story and of course being an artist, there was no better way than to tell it through a song. In a song released yesterday on his YouTube channel, Otile claims his reason for leaving was the abortion of his baby by Vera.

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When their relationship seemed all good the two had talked about having a baby together numerous times and we didn’t think it was that serious. However it seems like Vera was probably not yet ready to give Otile a baby.

Otile pours his feelings into the songs and says he feels like his feelings were not being taken into consideration. The song has garnered over 52 thousand views on YouTube so far. Meanwhile Vera was out partying hard yesterday and we are yet to get a response from her concerning the matter.

Check out the song in the link below;