Owago Onyiro who is popularly known for his stand up comedy,was in so much shock as it was revealed to him that his father was involved in a motorbike accident. The incident took place in uptown Migori where his father hit another motorbike getting thrown off his bike in the process.

He was running some errands in Migori from his home when the other biker went off the road to avoid being hit by an oncoming Matatu. He almost had a head concussion if it were not for his helmet. He got a scratch on his forehead who had a painful look on his face.

He was surprised by the wreckless driving of riders on the road that cause accidents daily.

Owago Onyiro is one of the most popular comedians in the Kenyan entertainment industry. He is known for his well constructed Luo jokes and his dholuo accent. Away from the camera, he is a human being like any other. He has had his worst moments, best moments, first kiss and many more like all of us.

We wish his father a quick recovery.