Puff daddy, puffy, diddy, P diddy, whatever you would prefer to call him(yeah, he is gangster like that with alot of names). This American rapper aged 45 has had a lot going on in his life ever since he founded Bad Boy Records. Yes, bad boy I said it. He is the gangster of all time.

He is the jack of all trades. There is nothing he cannot put his money into. He is a renowned rapper, a producer, actor, entrepreneur and director.


Sean combs does not to walk into a mall to buy clothes, because he got his own. P Diddy owns his clothing lines ‘Sean Jean’ and ‘Sean by Sean Combs.’


P Diddy has had major arrests in his life. In the history of hip hop, he was arrested in connection with the long-unsolved murder of fellow hip-hop star Tupac Shakur around September 2014. Again around June, this year he was arrested on UCLA’s campus for getting into a fight with a Bruins assistant coach early Monday afternoon and later charged with three counts of assault with a deadly weapon, one count of making terrorist threats and one count of battery.


P Diddy has grasped two Grammy awards and two MTV Music Video Awards.


With his raining money, he made it to the Forbes list of course. In 2015, Forbes estimated his worth at $ 735 million.


P Diddy signed up major sensations in the Hip Hop world such as the Notorious BIG and of course he profited from these people he signed up.


He was born from a super sexy being. Yes, P. Diddys mother, Janice, was a model and a teacher’s assistant.


He is so gangster; he released an album alongside Rick Ross and threw a party as if not to show remorse after the legends death.


As old as he is, he still pumps up the speakers. He takes Hip hop to another level alongside the never aging Pharell Williams in their new hit song ‘Finna Get Loose.’

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