Who would have thought that one of Africa’s biggest musical duo would one day split and leave the fans hanging? Well, for the last four weeks the famous twin brother duo P-Square have been showing the world that they just can’t take each other anymore. Reason? A woman!

According to Peter Okoye, who is one of the famous brothers, the feud begun with him introducing his wife, Lola Omotayo to the team. According to Nigerian fans, Peter’s wife is to blame for all the problems the two brothers are having. She is allegedly accused of inciting Peter on which side to pick between his brother Paul and his Manager Jude.

The duo and their wives

Also, the brother mentions issues of power struggle and jealousy of each other’s fan base. He says that although they are known as a pair, each one of them is a brand on their own. That means that each has their own fans.

The feud has seen P-Square releasing solo songs, ranting out on social media and just having petty reasons to fight that have ended up reflecting them in bad light.

Peter has gone his own way, now been referred to as Mr. P.


Looks like forming duos and bands is the easiest thing but maintaining that number is always the problem. We wish them luck and pray that they understand family and business are two separate entities and rarely do they end up mixing. So the wife, should take several seats and let the brothers do what they do best, entertaining and taking Africa to greater heights.