Kenyan trio P-unit just dropped a new video titled ‘Chocha’ which we can ascertain will make their fans smile now that they have been apart for quite a long time.

The track which is produced top producer Magix Enga is about people who like to live double lives. To be specific we assume they may be taking low jabs at other artists who act like they are living the rich lives on social media but are broke in real life. This also goes out to the people who like to fake it on social media ie f*k boys and slay queens. 

The video which is directed by Director Enos Olik was short in Diani and we must say they have done quite well on this one from the amazing aerial shots to the clarity.

Check out the song in the link below;

The trio broke up in the year 2015 at the height of their careers to pursue solo careers but things didn’t necessarily work out and it seems like they may be considering getting back together.