Parents Raise Concerns About Riara Group Of Schools On Social Media

Riara Group Of Schools is one of the most admired private schools in this country and when you to such a school, everybody sees you like a rich kid.

Twitter is on fire as the hashtag shut down Riara is the message in all the social media platforms.

There has been complains on the mismanagement in the Riara Group Of Schools committee that has left m,any parents complaining about lack of the school management to give parents the correct feedback.

Check out some reactions:

Bel: This school is charging like 100,000 monthly school fees then parents have to spend almost similar amounts treating food poisoning. #ShutdownRiara

 Nelson:   Those pushing this hashtag, we are sorry,we dont understand your concers, our children are in Olympic primary and Mathare public primary schools, we are not even sure if the toilets there are pit latrins or modern toilets, their githeri is boiled with any water #ShutdownRiara

Kenya:     Ministry of Health and Education need to come to the rescue of parents at Riara, apparently, the school has turned a deaf ear on their cries despite endless reports of food poisoning on pupils.. most are now spending times in hospitals #ShutdownRiara Being informed of a diarrhea outbreak &food poisoning at Riara Road Primary School situated on Ngong Road run by Riara Grp This is a great concern to kids health & friends. Poor sanitation & outsourcing unhealthy food. There’s a crisis. Prof Magoha should see this #ShutdownRiara

 Check Out some pictures:




Education CS Prof Magoha has now said Unhygienic Conditions At Riara Road Primary School Causing Pupils To Fall Sick



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