On the 9th of September at the ‘The Wave with Tekno’ concert, Kenyans’s favourite music group, Camp Mulla reunited and announced that they’ll be releasing new music.

They performed several of their hits to the excitement of the unsuspecting crowd.

They split after deciding to all pursue their personal interests, most of them continuing with their education but now that Karun is back in the country (she was in the US studying) and has given birth to her baby, it is the perfect time for them to bless us with more hits.


Before the show, it was announced that several opening acts would join Tekno Miles on stage including The Kansoul and a few serious Camp Mulla fans were able to guess that it would be them.

Let them come back and remind people what good Kenyan music sounds like.

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Fans were filled with joy saying that this is exactly what the industry needs right now seeing as most of our local artists have been slacking musically. Hopefully they’re shook and Camp Mulla’s return will motivate them to improve the quality of their songs. They’ve been trending on Twitter since last night and no one had any negative comments about their return to the music scene.