Controversial Kenyan Pastor Victor Kanyari has decided to vie for a parliamentary seat in the upcoming general elections slated for August 8th this year. Pastor Kanyari has made this announcement and says he will join the Jubilee Party in order to accomplish this mission of leading people in the government.

Pastor Victor Kanyari has been in the media for all the wrong reasons and his latest announcement does not come as a surprise to many Kenyans. He was in the spotlight for what has been the biggest controversy in Kenyan churches. Pastor Kanyari was a while back exposed for lying to his congregation that he was able to cure terminal diseases with miracles he claimed he had the power to perform.

KTN TV former investigative reporter and now political aspirant Mohammed Ali exposed Pastor Kanyari on Jicho Pevu for using water mixed with Potassium Permanganet to lie that it had power to heal people in his church. Pastor Kanyari is also famous for his tithe anthem of 310 and ‘panda mbegu’. He started living a lavish lifestyle after these ‘hustles’ in church.

He has since announced that he is interested in vying for a parliamentary seat and will represent Embakasi Central. According to Pastor Kanyari says that he has chosen Embakasi Central because his first church was built in that constituency and he understands better than anyone problems faced by the residents.

It has become a norm in Kenyan politics these days that when anyone falls into a huge scandal or controversy, they think they are popular to go into politics. Pastor Kanyari is only the latest on the list, and he has told people to focus on electing him instead of bringing back his former dirty deeds.